Posted by: Nicholas Swetenham | April 2, 2009

Junior doctors salary increase – 1.5%



The Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body has recommended a 1.5% salary increas for junior doctors, which the government has accepted. Other NHS employees get 2% under a 3-year agreement (BBC) except servicemen (2.8%) and MPs get 2.3% although ministers, David Cameron and Nick Clegg refused the pay rise (Guardian).

Please follow this link for more information from the BMA. Hamish Meldrum, Chair of BMA Council, said:

“Doctors will be disappointed at this award. They will feel that the DDRB appears to have capitulated to government pressure. Whilst we appreciate that tough decisions have to be taken during this period of economic difficulty, holding back on doctors’ pay is not the answer.”

Student debt has also been covered by the Evening Standard:

Tom Foley, a 27-year-old trainee doctor and BMA spokesman on medical student finance, said: “As unemployment rises and economic problems increase it is likely that lower income families will have less money to spend helping their children through medical school. Students are also finding it more difficult to get study loans from banks -something that I could not have got through university without – and may find it increasingly challenging to get part-time work or work in term breaks as everyone scrambles for a limited number of vacancies.”

Evening Standard

The BMA is opposed to the lifting of the fee cap. There is however a glimmer regarding student loans. Tom Foley, Chair of the Student Finance Subcommittee, told me:

The interest rate on student loans is actually based on the RPI, which is now at 0%. If it stays at 0 next month, it will be locked in as the rate for the entire 12 months from Sept 09 to Sept 10. So for that period, student loans will be interest free!


  1. Failed by the government yet again, it’s time the every politician was fired and we started from the ground up.

  2. So how much do junior doctors get paid, anyway?

    • FY1 is 21-25k, FY2 is 27-33k

  3. Nice 🙂

  4. For a doctor working 9-5 mon to friday, the salary is 21,391. This is a 40 hour week (no lunch break).

    Its only more than that if you work overtime or anti-social hours.

    I just don’t think 21,391 with a 1.5% increase is a fair deal, especially when MP’s get 2.3% plus they probably get an expenses account, whereas doctors move from hospital to hospital every few months, meaning a significant % of doctor’s salary goes on commuting costs.

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