Posted by: colinhockings | June 8, 2009

Now with twice as much boffin goodness

Colin Hockings

Hello everyone, my name is Colin Hockings. Nico and I are graduating in the next few weeks and have decided to join forces.

We will have some quite different experiences in the next few years:  I’m the scientist,  he’s the medical student. For this reason we’re going to set up a new blog, all nicely professionally hosted, discussing  good science, bad science, and science in the media.

Over the next few months we will build up this new blog,  featuring posts from both of us as well as guest contributors: clever people that are going into science, journalism, and  medicine.

What makes us special? Firstly we have a very international background – englandfrancegermanyluxembourgaustraliasweden, not necessarily in that order. Nico will be reporting from London and Colin from Frankfurt. Secondly, we’re graduating in three weeks and will be entering the big bad worlds of science and medicine in the early days of this blog. Together, that means that we’ll have a fascinating perspective that I doubt you’ll find anywhere else.

With these bold words, I’ll leave you with a request: we’re currently working on creating a name that will best characterise our work. We welcome any suggestions!

Watch this space. We will be unveiling the new blog soon!


  1. I vote for Mango Medics!

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