About me

Nicholas Swetenham is a pre-clinical medical student at Cambridge University Medical School, and represents its 1200 or so students to the British Medical Association’s Medical Students Committee. This body votes on BMA policy relating to students and is entirely student-governed.

In this blog, he attempts to explain the work he does for his constituents and the issues of the day in plain English, in an apartisan fashion. He also tries to write accessible stories about medical news in the UK more generally.

He is NOT a doctor and the information in the blog should not be considered medical advice. Please see your doctor if you have any questions about medical news.

Contact him on nswetenham-AT-gmail-DOT-com

Colin Hockings is an early career scientist, headed into the big cuddly world of academic science. He’s graduating from Cambridge with some knowledge of Genetics.

What really interests him is the molecular biology of cancer and virology – two areas of great public health importance that are also absolutely fascinating. He’ll be taking a year out (or half a year…or a year and a half) before embarking on a PhD, and he’s going to be working on leukaemia in Frankfurt until December.

Contact him on colinhockings-AT-gmail-DOT-com

We are always open to new contributors.

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